Cheerleaders Worship the teacher's Feet

I am a teacher in a high school a few kilometers from the city. I had just returned to this school last year. I am a foot fetishist. When summer comes, I'm always happiest since women and girls show their feet by wearing open shoes. In my course, there was just a girl who seemed to have noticed.

One day, she waited until everyone left for having approached this month. She said: "I know your secret." She asked me my address but I would not have given him. Indeed, I was not allowed to attend such a naughty student as it otherwise I risk immediate dismissal. I do not know how she did but she came to my house the same weekend pretending to take private lessons. Anyway that's what I heard.

In the living room

I do not know why I let him come inside my house. It is as if I would do with it. When she entered, I asked her to leave but she insisted on staying with me. She hugged me and said, are you sure you did not want me to do with you? I imagined there like a real fetish tube. She pushed me on the couch and removed his sandals. At the sight of her feet, I was awfully excited. She noticed the bulge in my pants. I was going to ask him again to leave but she put her big toe on my lips saying "shhh". Then she kneaded my penis with her feet without opening my fly or down my pants. She subsequently embraced gradually my feet, she licked all over the toes to the heels. She sucked my toes one by one. I was so excited that I took out my dick and got together masturbate. She was there to worship just my feet without asking anything in return. I was thrilled. After she gave me a footjob with great class. I wanted to fuck him saying she was a bad girl but I could not do anything because I do not even know if she was or not major. Anyway, I managed to cum on her beautiful feet.

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